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Join our wonderful walks and ensure your dog gets the attention they need when you're not around.

Mel with Tessa Tigger and Pluto
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Every dog I walk is a VIPup and will be walked by me so I can really get to know them.  I will ensure they enjoy their time from the moment I collect them to the time I drop them home! We will have plenty of adventures at Norwood Lakes, Norwood Country Park, Beckenham Place Park, Crystal Palace and Cator Park.  Walks will be tailored to suit your dogs needs and doggy chums will be matched together so everyone is happy.  Safety comes first closely followed by fun on our wonder walks! I have an air conditioned dog van with separate compartments for secure travel. Our wonder walks are for a minimum of an hour, pick up, clean off and drop off are outside of this and your dog will usually be with me for around 2 hours. On our return I will ensure your dog has a hot doggy shower for any muddy paws, happy and settled before I leave them.  I will always have a meeting and walk with you FOC to get to know you and your dog I am fully insured, first aid trained and DBS checked.  I offer dog walking services in Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Norwood, Penge, Sydenham and surrounding areas. 

I charge £15 for an hour of walking, collection clean off and drop off time are included in the walk cost, your dog will normally be out the house for around 2 hours.

I’m ready to take care of your dogs, whatever they need when you aren't around!


Hello I'm Melissa or Mel as most people know me.  I grew up on a farm, with horses, chickens, goats, cats and lots of dogs My first dog Winston was a Tibetan Terrier unique in his ways joined soon after by Amadeus a loyal and handsome Doberman cross.  Then there was Nancy an amazing Alsatian who smiled when she greeted us and Rex a black Labrador, my very own stable hand and an amazing companion. Gizmo my younger sister's Tibetan Spaniel was  a lapdog, who enjoyed life by her side. That was growing up in the country. I live in Crystal Palace now and share our family home with Pluto, a clever Cocker Spaniel cross Whippet and Tigger a cheeky Whippet.  I will develop a trusting relationship with your dog and treat them as I do my own, with love, care and attention when you can't be with them.



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